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IT Solutions utilizing Niche and innovative Technology

You have a choice when you look for an IT Solutions partner. We want to be your partner. We think we're different from others - in a good way.

Here's how and why it matters to our customers.

EAI, B2B Integration

We have worked on over 100 projects serving global customers to deliver business critical EAI and B2B integration

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is the acknowledged leader for building custom IDE’s. Recognizing the need for specialized skills and

Risk & Governance:

Business globally are expected to maintain highest order of governance, transparency and

Service Desk Modernization

Based on our decade long experience in Service Management, we have transitioned to providing Service

Service Desk Modernization (SDM) Practice

Global Service Organizations can gain significant momentum by engaging XcelNow to accelerate their Service Desk modernization initiatives.

XcelNow helps organisations achieve success and derive business benefits quickly, using our multi-dimensional expertise and proven core elements of ITSM. Our services and solutions are geared towards:



Reduce time-to-value

Reduce investment risk in new SDA projects

Accelerator to quickly implement SDA projects

Better RoI on SDA projects



Reduce costs and timescales

Implement successful bite-sized Service Desk modernization

Experienced team with multi-skill

Achieve alignment with client organization business objectives

What We Do:


The Mission of XcelNOw SDM practice is help our clients achieve significant improvement in their Service Desk Operation efficiency resulting in delivery of better value to end customers.

We offer expert and ‘big picture’ advice and guidance, based on our vast multi-disciplinary experience, in a methodology and technology agnostic manner. We also provide skilled resources to successfully realize your SDM strategy and plan. Our in-house competency is augmented by a repertoire of global partners and a network of trusted associates to provide a full range of services and options to meet all your Service Desk Modernization needs.

How We can Assist:


We help our clients implement intelligent automation technology in their business & IT processes, resulting in achieving significant cost reduction and more satisfied customers. We act as catalyst to smoothly transit from your Current Service Desk operation to Basic Process Automation to enhanced process Automation to Cognitive Automation to Digital Labor or Autonomics. This we call as the “Good to Great!” of IT Service Management.


Our niche technical expertise includes implementing solutions utilizing one or more of the following techniques:


• Robotic Process Automation

• Predictive Analytics

• Cognitive Learning

• Machine Learning

XcelNow Machine Learning Competency includes expertise in working on following ML framework:

• Microsoft Azure ML

• Amazon-ML

• Google-ML

• IBM-Watson



• Python

• R

• Microsoft Azure-ML

• NodeJS

• and Java


Engagement Model:

• XcelNow offers training in Tools and frameworks  of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, RPA

• Capacity, Competency building in setting up “ML Application CoE”

• Provide staff on contract and contract to hire model

• Assist in preparing and validating business use cases of ML,RPA

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